Run silent, run deep…

When I do or say something, I want it to mean something. Much in the same way as when I choose not to.

So many people become caught up in the process of trying to remain relevant by trying to keep their name at the top of a never ending pile. Desperate to be seen or heard, casting their nets into the endless sea of shit that is the internet…

What does it even mean anymore? These numbers on pages mean nothing. They can be easily manipulated to change peoples perception of who we are. People only want to use you to promote themselves. Opportunities come in the form of currency, click farms, and opportunists trying to ride your wave to their next gig/release etc…

Opinions thrown around by people who never had the balls to take a risk. Hidden in the wakes of those who came before them. Never earning what they have, operating in the shadows of inboxes and popular opinions trying desperately to keep within their ‘clicky’ circles, and stay in favor.

And so, we are now here. Where there are those who will continue to do what they have always done. Because it has served them thus far. And everyone laps it up. Because it’s all they will ever know. Year in and year out. Like Christmas and Easter they repeat the rituals. Whilst old men take their money and sell them visions of a time when this all meant something…

And whilst I share these internal ramblings, there will be those who see this as a soap box opportunity to try and get up and sell their delusional solutions to a problem that only ever existed within their own lunchboxes. And the solution is in itself the problem.

If only selling ice to Eskimos was as easy as selling it to Melbournians?

Just a thought, and now we are done

To The End Of The Earth

The story so far…

So 2 years ago I wrote ‘6head_slug – taking it back’ after a stressful day at work. I was tired, and burnt out… I was constantly working and being pushed into things that I seemed to have no control over, and I had no time to do the things that I actually wanted to.
So I came home after a confrontation with our area manager, and this video was the result. I put all my energy and frustration into this, and filmed this short video.
The next thing I know? One of my idols Alex TB  contacts me, and asks me if it’s finished? And if I can please send it to him. I quickly wrapped it up (it wasn’t the final version) and sent it to him, where he played it in his new mix:
Later it ended up getting an MP3 release on:
Only after it started showing up more recently in some DJ mixes, and I was contacted by a few producers I decided to do a remix comp for it. Initially I was going to pick 4 entries, and 2 of each were going to be a part of the double release I was working on (and still am)
But it didn’t work out that way, and I think the compilation release that we ended up putting out is first class, and I got to meet and work with some fantastic people:
Anyway, the point if all of this is:
You never realise the significance of a moment until it has passed. You need to be open to opportunity when it comes your way. It may not be what you thought it was going to be? But it’s always knocking in the form of something else. It’s a conversation, a job, and sometimes even a setback. As long as you are open and moving forward, then opportunities will keep coming.
None of the above would have happened had I had not had a shit day at work, and filmed this video. None of anything I had done in the past 8 years with “No sleep till bedtime…” would have happened had I had not said yes to all of the little opportunities along the way, and persevered through all the setbacks.
I have always had a vision in mind, a concept that I am constantly refining and redefining. We still have a long way to go yet, but we’re further than we were yesterday.
Thanks for reading our story. And thank you to those who have been a part of it 󾮗🏻

[nstbt_se_003] 6head_slug – Taking It Back [Remixes] FREE RELEASE


Title: Taking It Back [Remixes]
Artist: 6head_slug
Label: “No sleep till bedtime…”
Format: MP3
Release: June 8th 2016

Track listing:
1] 6head_slug – Taking It Back [Original Mix]
2] 6head_slug – Taking It Back [Recycle Duo Remix]
3] 6head_slug – Taking It Back [i1 Ambivalent Remix]
4] 6head_slug – Taking It Back [Andre Roehler Vs Cepo Remix]
5] 6head_slug – Taking It Back [Thomas Fox Remix]
6] 6head_slug – Taking It Back [Hagane Shizuka Remix]
7] 6head_slug – Taking It Back [Mox Remix]
8] 6head_slug – Taking It Back [Rigo Remix]
9] 6head_slug – Taking It Back [B Rydell Remix]
10] 6head_slug – Taking It Back [Tyrant X Remix]
11] 6head_slug – Taking It Back [Zyphor Remix]


6head_slug – Taking It Back [Remixes]

Here is a playlist containing all of the 6head_slug – Taking It Back [Remix_competition] entries so far:

Make sure you check them all out, and give the producers your full support!

For more information on the competition, click here


6head_slug – Taking It Back [Remix_competition]


Thank you for your interest in our remix competition for:
6head_slug – Taking it back

The sample pack is included with the FREE Download of the track which can be found here:

This competition starts Tuesday 8th March, and will finish on Wednesday 4th May 2016

There will be Four winners selected for an upcoming remix compilation release on our “No sleep till bedtime…” digital label.

Styles that we are open to are techno, hardtechno, schranz and techno based hardcore, as these are the styles that we wish to promote with our label.

Once your remix is completed, please upload your submission to our Soundcloud group: with the downloads switched to ‘off’.

Only submit completed tracks, all tracks will be heard, please be patient.

Submissions should be labeled in the format:

6head_slug – Taking it back [Insert name Remix]

(Please use the provided artwork in the remix package for your uploads also)

Winners will be notified via Facebook and Soundcloud. This is not a popularity contest, all tracks will be judged based on the track alone and not play counts, Facebook likes, or prior releases.

If your remix is not selected, please do not be discouraged as there will be other opportunities down the track to work together.

Any questions? Please direct to our Facebook page:

Thank you, and enjoy!

– 6head_slug

SlugoS @ Don’t Stop Party People Bogotá, Colombia 11.09.2015

Recorded at Don’t Stop Party People RAVE Bogotá, Colombia.

01. Chris Liebing – The Biggest Ten Inches I Have Ever Seen (Major Rush Remix) – (Unofficial Arcane Remix)
02. Endless Resonance – Beat Wrecking
03. SlugoS – Remote Distances
04. Golpe – Just Do It
05. Malke – Leklek
06. OBI – The Final Fight (SlugoS RMX)
07. Viper XXL – Nothing Matters
08. 6head_slug – Taking it back
09. SlugoS – Who killed Elisa Lam
10. Bart Shadow – I’d Like To Hire A Canoe
11. SlugoS – Inside Me
12. Malke & Diogo Ramos – Screwed
13. TiltHAMMER – You Get a Rush
14. SlugoS – Blackwater
15. PETDuo vs OBI & Julykie – Fear Us (SlugoS RMX)
16. Endless Resonance – Kick Up a Row
17. SlugoS – The Disowned
18. SveTec – Shadowprint
19. SlugoS – Pulsa diNura

[Videoset ends here]

20. TiltHAMMER – Habla Bla Bla
21. SlugoS & Sheefit – Krematorium
22. Jason Little vs. Withecker – Call it Hell (Mortal Sins Remix)
23. SlugoS & Tato – Pray and Die
24. SlugoS – Enter the Void

[ROTD_007] – 6head_slug (LIVE @ RAVE OF THE DEAD)

Track list:
1] Slugos – Into The Burrow
2] KABI – Ragga
3] Svetec – I Don’t Like Your Robot Face
4] Xavier – Drop It Or Go Home
5] Viper XXL – Do’s & Dont’s
6] OBI – Still Alive (Slugos Remix)
7] Svetec – The Beast
8] Matthew – Naglagh (Xavier Remix)
9] Golpe – Get your ass up and jump
10] Bart Shadow, Sheefit – We are one (Viper XXL Remix)
11] Svetec – Nightmare Daydream
12] Slugos – Pilsa diNura

[RAVE_OF_THE_DEAD_2015] DJ Mixes

[nstbt] presents: RAVE OF THE DEAD 2015 [warehouse_party]


“When there is no more room in hell, the dead shall walk the Earth…”

Line up:
Scott Alien
DJ Zyphor (S.A)
Traction Engine
Mr. X

Event link:

Hosted By:
“No sleep till bedtime…”

Saturday, 31st Oct 2015

Exclusive warehouse location [T.B.A]
[Don’t worry kids, it’s LEGAL and licensed]

$10 on the door [18+ Photo I.D required]
Venue management reserves all rights.

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