6head_slug – [nstbt_podcast_001]

And here we are! The first of our new monthly [nstbt_podcast] sessions!

Each month we will be bringing you a selection of the finest hardtechno, schranz and industrial hardcore from around the globe!

This months edition is a mix from yours truly, with many more local and special guest international artists lined up in the coming months.

If you like what you hear please make sure you like and share!

Thanks guys! :)

6head_slug Facebook:
[nstbt] Website:
[nstbt] Facebook:…ime/163419672945

[TCN006] Various Artists – Unperfect Bodies Perfect Souls EP

Title: Unperfect Bodies Perfect Souls
Artist: Various
Format: MP3
Release: August 23rd 2014

Track listing:
1] Joanna Coelho – Herbalistic Rastaman
2] Joanna Coelho – Herbalistic Rastaman [Alex TB remix]
3] 6head_slug – Taking It Back
4] Sotek – Rack Your Brain


Have you checked out my Instagram yet?

Studio updates and random images/videos from day to day activities are surfacing as I work on my next release for, and of course photos of baked goods I create in the bakery… #Fuckbread

There’s never a dull moment, so be sure to follow us to watch as the maddness unfolds!
#fuckbread #maketechno

Alex TB @ June Promo Mix 2014


Totally stoked to be able to share this with you all! You can check out one of my brand new tracks in Alex TB‘s promo mix for June:

I’ve had a smile on my face the last few days since I found out! Alex has been a big inspiration of mine over the years since I first started Dj’ing and producing hardtechno, and it just makes me even more motivated to get these other tracks finished and out there!

Don’t forget to ‘Like’ and download the mix, and play it loud!
(My track drops around the 13min mark, let us know what you think?)

Thanks guys! :)

New 6head_slug [nstbt] release in the works


After a very (very) long time it’s finally happening… The next “No sleep till bedtime…” release is finally underway with some brand new material from yours truly, and some old remix projects I started many moons ago.

To say I am excited to be finally able to do this is an understatement. The last few years have been both physically and emotionally exhausting for me #fuckbread

I am determined to get this music finished and out there for those of you who still care to listen.

Long overdue, you have been warned ;)

6head_slug – Electrocution_Radio_mix [June 2014]

Track list:
1] D.A.V.E the Drummer Vs The Anxious – Track 1
2] D.A.V.E the Drummer & Tassid – Keep It Going
3] D.A.V.E the Drummer & Chris Liberator – Underthreat
4] D.A.V.E the Drummer & Syndrome – The Darkside
5] Tassid – New Shit [ Acid Ted Remix]
6] Nelman – Rush [DJ Misjah Remix]
7] Serial Thriller Meets Secret Hero – Takes You High
8] D.A.V.E the Drummer – London Underground United
9] Tassid – Quantum Physics
10] Sterling Moss – Can You Feel The Acid
11] D.A.V.E the Drummer – White Dog [Remix]
12] D.A.V.E the Drummer & Sterling Moss – I.D

6head_slug t-shirts, hoodies and stickers?

sixheadslug Redbubble

If this is something that interests you? Then check out:

There are a couple of “No sleep till bedtime…” designs there also, with multiple color options and in every size that you could possibly want!


Why am I doing this? Good question… lol

In spite of popular belief I had never made any money from any of my parties, music, DJ’ing or t-shirts/hoodies. I gave away far more than I had ever made, played for free in most cases, gave away all my music on my labels for free, and ran all of my parties at a complete loss for longer than I could afford…
Why? Because I am a shitty businessman? No… I am not a businessman… I am no different to anyone else out there who loves music. Basically I just had a series of good opportunities, and I decided to see where I could take things as there were no real alternatives at the time.

I guess for me it was more about the music, artistic expression and being able to have that creative outlet more than the short term monetary gain (weird huh?)

So basically with this:
– Nothing exists until it is sold.
– There is less hassle for me picking, packing and posting
– There is no lump sum outlay on products that I may not be able to sell.
– ALL styles and designs are ALWAYS available, and now with international shipping
(Please note that I have no say in the pricing, as I have made it as cheap as they will allow. There are also a 50% discounts for multiples of 6 stickers purchases)

If you have any issues with any orders? Please deal with Redbubble directly, as apart from the graphic designs I have no involvement in the production at all.

All garments are printed on American Apparel, and I can honestly say the their quality is amazing!

If anyone actually gets anything? Please let me know, and upload a pic to my Facebook page. I would love to see it! :)

Thanks -Gregg


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